Saman360 Features and Facilities

  • Saman360 features and facilities

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Saman360 Service:

A Cloud WCMS for Enterprise Web Sites


All Saman360 cloud portal features and facilities are designed and prepared in such a way that it provides a comprehensive and excellent enterprise website for your organization and business.
  • Architecture


    Saman360 architecture is such that all issues related to logs and monitoring and access levels are at the lowest level and all modules are integrated to benefit from these features. Therefore, with ...

  • Support


    Relying on the technical and professional team that has been in charge of the most important portals in the country for many years, Saman360 enjoys continuous, stable and secure support. We answer ...

  • Security


    Saman360 customers are large organizations and sensitive businesses. Security is our first priority on our customers' websites. Saman360 manages security in different layers with high sensitivity. ...

  • Comprehensiveness


    Saman360 comes with a wide and complete set of ready-made modules, services and functions, so that less need can be found that is not foreseen in this set. Compared to similar products, this ...


Saman360 cloud portal manages your organization's information content easily, taking into account organizational considerations and role segregation, with a comprehensive set of powerful modules.
  • News Management

    News Management

    The News Management Module covers all the specialized aspects of preparing and publishing "news" as a specialized content. The structure of news content including routers, headlines, abstracts, text, ...

  • Article Management

    Article Management

    Publishing articles on a website serves two important purposes. The first purpose is to introduce the specialized aspects related to an organization and business. The second and perhaps more ...

  • Slider Maker

    Slider Maker

    Few sites today do not have a slider. You can easily design different sliders for different parts of your site by using the Slider Maker Module.

  • Weblinks


    If you want to display links related to other organizations and companies on your website, introduce and organize them in the links module and then easily display them in any part of your site that ...

  • Banner Management

    Banner Management

    Banner Management Module allows you to double the beauty of your website by creating different banners, in this module you can organize them and easily display them in different places of your ...

  • Multimedia Gallery

    Multimedia Gallery

    Your multimedia content including images, videos and sounds can all be managed together in this module, you can categorize them in galleries and use them with rich and beautiful layouts on different ...

  • File Management

    File Management

    This module is a simple and efficient file manager that can cover many of the necessities of working with documents. All the necessary features for managing files such as uploading files, creating ...

  • Content Management

    Content Management

    Content Management Module is a comprehensive, flexible, and versatile tool for publishing web content. Almost any web content, including text and multimedia, can be customized and published on the ...


Your website is your official point of contact on the Internet. Saman360 communication modules, while introducing and presenting the contact information of your organization and its sub-departments, also provide two-way communication tools with the stakeholders of your organization.
  • Poll


    What is your opinion of the audience? Audience surveys are the best way to gather audience feedback on the organization, products, services and even the site itself. Poll Module is a powerful yet ...

  • FAQ


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Although one of the most informative content on your website, its main function is a convenient communication tool to communicate with your new contacts. A tool for ...

  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

    In today's world, the first place that comes to the mind of any person is to contact us on the organization's website to communicate with organizations and express their wishes, suggestions and ...

  • Branches and Agencies

    Branches and Agencies

    Most of Saman360 customers like you are large organizations with a set of regional, provincial and city units or distributed in cities in the form of affiliated organizations and branches and ...

  • User Comments

    User Comments

    This module is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin in the system with a user-friendly interface that allows your website visitors to comment on any content such as articles, media and product pages. Of ...

  • Survey


    It is a powerful tool for gathering information and analyzing surveys with advanced statistical results on your site. In this module, the type of question can be set in sliding formats, radio ...


  • Job Opportunities

    Job Opportunities

    Your website is where the mission of your organization is introduced, so it is the best point to invite interested people to cooperate. In the Job Opportunities Module, visitors can read all the ...

  • Products and Services

    Products and Services

    The main task of your website is to introduce the organization and the products and services that your organization offers. Using this module, you can categorize your products and services and ...

Web Tools

  • URL Shortener

    URL Shortener

    Sharing large URLs is very difficult, this module provides the option to view shortened URLs while shortening URLs. The bottom line is that if the long URL changes, the short URL will still work ...

  • QR-Code


    Keeping track of information such as phone / cell phone number, contact, email, links, address and geolocation is very difficult, if not impossible, for your contacts. QR-Code allows your contacts to ...

  • Hashtag


    Use the hashtag module just like Twitter or Facebook. You can add your favorite word or phrase after a (#) in the hashtag section of each content module. Hashtags will automatically become a ...

  • RSS Feeds

    RSS Feeds

    RSS is traditionally known as news sharing. But Saman360 RSS Module has the ability to view all types of website content (including news, articles, products, files, images, ...) based on your ...

Web Design

Saman360 cloud enterprise portal with a flexible and comprehensive architecture, a set of unique features and using the latest technologies in the web world, has made designing enterprise websites an easy and enjoyable task.
  • Web Accessibilities Toolkit

    Web Accessibilities Toolkit

    Today, large and reputable organizations around the world are expected to make the necessary arrangements on their websites to interact with people with disabilities (people with physical, visual, ...

  • Pre-designed Website (Ready Templates)

    Pre-designed Website (Ready Templates)

    In Saman360, there are several pre-designed enterprise websites (ready template) suitable for different areas of work (industrial production, business, project-oriented, ...). When you first create a ...

  • Three-layer Architecture in Website Design

    Three-layer Architecture in Website Design

    The power of Saman360 web design lies in its basic architecture. By 3-layer architecture, we do not mean the architecture of the entire software, which is another detailed discussion. We mean the ...

  • Form Builder

    Form Builder

    Form Builder is the fastest, easiest and most powerful way to create web forms, collect and manage data. Using this tool, design your form in a completely visual environment without any programming ...

  • Responsiveness and Mobile Support

    Responsiveness and Mobile Support

    The tools and technologies used in Saman360 give you two important achievements. First, by default, web pages are fully responsive, and various clients, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and ...

Traffic and SEO

A professional webmaster definitely needs enough tools to monitor traffic and traffic status, as well as full features for SEO optimization and better interaction with search engines. Rest assured that Saman360 will completely satisfy you with this opinion.
  • Internal Search Engine

    Internal Search Engine

    This great tool enhances the user experience of your website audience by specifically indexing the internal content of the website and linking them based on synonyms and identifying spelling ...

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Saman360 is fully optimized for search engines and is designed with various features such as keyword setting, text tagging, image compression, sitemap, etc., which are in different layers of website ...

  • Visitor Statistics

    Visitor Statistics

    Do you know how people find and use your website when you know exactly? Which sections have the most audience? Where and with what tools do these audiences come to your website? This module provides ...


Providing a secure confidential platform for business websites and other management services is one of Saman360's top priorities. User management and module permissions You can easily integrate your personal authentication service, or use one of the standard authentication methods. Saman360 has a powerful security center that has a built-in WAF, so you never have to worry about your website being hacked.
  • Users and Access Control

    Users and Access Control

    Saman360 features in this section, meet two aspects of your needs. As a rule, restricting access is a basic requirement in managing the security of a system. But another aspect is to make it possible ...

  • Security Center

    Security Center

    Saman360 envisages extensive security measures to prevent security threats as well as to counter hackers' intrusion attempts. All these features are configured and managed through the Security Center ...

  • Log and Audit

    Log and Audit

    In the management of enterprise websites, due to the multiplicity of individuals and the diversity of their role in doing things, as well as the high sensitivity of organizations in determining the ...