Privacy Policy Statement (Privacy Policy)

Date of implementation: 01/04/1399

Note: Please read and understand this Statement and Terms of Use Agreement thoroughly and thoroughly before reviewing and using the Website, or attempting to test or use our Services. Only continue to use if all terms and conditions are accepted.

Thank you for using Saman360. According to this statement, we ("Saman360", "Saman Information Structure", us, or the "Software Service Provider") are committed to upholding and respecting the privacy of our customers and users of the Saman360 Software Service and its rules. Let's. This section describes how we collect and use users' personal information on this website and software service.

Note: This statement is solely in relation to our customer privacy policy. Therefore, it does not include the conduct and treatment of third parties whom we do not own or control, who do not own or control us, or who are not employed or managed by us, even though they provide us with the ultimate service. Communicate or collaborate.

Our privacy policy is described in the following headings:

  • What information and how is received or collected from the customer about his performance?
  • Why do we need your email and other real information?
  • How do we use the information we collect?
  • Is the customer's personal information shared with other people?
  • Where is customer information stored and processed?

What information and how is received or collected from the customer about his performance?

Customer information collected about, from, or by the customer in Saman360 is categorized into the following three categories:

  • First Division: When we sign up to use the Saman360 software service, we receive customer contact information. Then the customer completes his profile and registers information such as name, contact number (phone or mobile), e-mail address and other legal details of his organization in Saman360. The use of Saman360 services requires the accuracy and truthfulness of all information announced by the customer in this section.
  • The second category:We also record and maintain information about how users and customers use the Saman360 website and software environments to improve service quality, customize future orders, create a better user experience, security, and track potential risks. we do.
  • Third category: We create an isolated environment for customer information on the Saman360 cloud for each rental of Saman360. Customers, customer users, and customer stakeholders record and store information and data in their work environment, which is created on the cloud platform of Saman360 software service. This information is stored in an isolated client environment on the Saman360 cloud database. The sole ownership and responsibility of this information and data is at the disposal and responsibility of the customer. Saman360 will not be able to access this information without informing and leasing the customer.

Why do we need your email and other real information?

We develop the Saman360 software service for the use of businesses and individuals and legal entities to facilitate legal business affairs, and we lease it in accordance with the specified terms and conditions of use. According to the terms of the agreement, we and our client must declare and record real and official contact information and identification. All messages and announcements are sent via email and are official and can be cited.

How do we use the information we collect?

We may use the information we collect about you in the following cases:

  • We can provide you with the service and services you have requested;
  • Be able to manage our relationship with you (the "customer") and support you;
  • Be able to improve our service;
  • You can personalize your user experience;
  • Assist us in conducting research and analysis of your usage or interest in the service, service or content provided by us or others;
  • Be able to contact you by e-mail, post, telephone or mobile about our services or those of a third party that may be of interest to you;
  • Be able to display and present content and ads tailored to your interests on our website and other related websites;
  • Be able to ensure the implementation and enforcement of the rules and conditions of use of our services;
  • Be able to manage our business; And
  • We can collect your information in accordance with this procedure and guarantee our policy.

Is the customer's personal information shared with other people?

All customer information is confidential with Saman360 and will not be displayed or sold or rented to any third party legal entities. As an exception, while informing the customer, the customer's information will be made available only by the order of the judicial authorities to the designated person.

Where is customer information stored and processed?

Saman360It installs and provides services on the cloud processing platform in one of the largest cloud data centers in the country. All customer information is recorded and stored on the platform of this cloud. Read the agreement and data protection policy of this data center customers on its website.

Saman360Maintains all customer information. At the end of the cooperation with the customer and in accordance with the terms of the agreement, customer information is irrevocably deleted and cleared.

Changes to the terms of this statement.

We reserve the right to modify and change the terms set forth in this statement at any time without notice to Saman360 users. If you do not want to continue using the software service after the change in circumstances, you must request termination and cancel your subscription.

The latest version of this agreement is always available at We are not obligated to ensure that you receive and understand the changes we make, but we use our communication channels to inform you. Therefore, your lack of knowledge of the changes made does not relieve us and you of our responsibility. You can check the history of copying agreements and when to accept them at any time from within your work environment. The terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement take precedence over any prior agreement between us and you.

contact us.

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