Portal management in the organizational model

Organizational access rights, segregation of roles and distribution of duties, monitoring users, and covering the needs of stakeholders

Portal management in the organizational model

Saman 360 cloud portal is designed with an organizational management attitude .

This means that, firstly, considering the years of experience in establishing portals in large and diverse organizations, the requirements of each of the organizational roles and units related to the organization portal and the legal and organizational requirements of different stakeholders in it. Predicted and well answered .

and secondly, the architecture and design of Saman 360 is such that each of the stakeholders can easily and without interfering with their roles, perform their duties in it .

In other words, when we talk about website management with organizational requirements, it means that in an organizational framework with separate roles and tasks, the functions of the system are designed in such a way that different parts The organization, including public relations, marketing and other operating units, easily perform the task of uploading and publishing content, communication and interaction with external stakeholders, and other tasks in their area of ​​mission, and various departments of information technology without interfering with technical issues. Design, infrastructure and security .